Tweet tweet said the Twitter…

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That has been my dilemma for a very long time. I often go through stages where I fill in the requisite sign up details, then I decide against clicking the ‘join’ button. Quite silly since I have gone through all the bother but I am apprehensive for a couple of reasons.

1. Opening up my thoughts to the whole world. (Yes I know a blog in effect does the same thing!)

2. Comments being traced back to me. (Yes I am a paranoid being!)

It is always easier to say the things you want to when you can do so anonymously. Anonymity equals untouchable most of the time, and this therefore instills a false sense of confidence. No complaints from me on that front though. Maybe I should go with a pseudonym, although I feel that is a little pointless because it defeats the whole twitter purpose of self promotion.

Hmm! Decisions…decisions….

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