What’s in a Name

It has taken me awhile to figure out what I want to say in my first post, probably because I want it to be something interesting enough to make it worth the read. After a day of pondering, I am going with a name and how it defines you.

Ezenwanyi means queen in my language. Although not a name I was given at birth, it is one which my father fondly gave to me, and which has caught on with some close friends and family…although now I think about it, strangely not with my mother and siblings. Like any other decent queen in the world, those who know me will agree that I have the tendency to empathise with the underdog in any situation. My friends always come to me when they are looking for an objective view on a situation, as I tend not to sugar coat the truth (which by the way I am told is one of the not so good aspects of my personality as apparently people equate realism to pessimism). Anyway to get back to the point, I have done a bit of webground work (#heardthephraseherefirst) and matched up some famous people with what their names mean. Do their personalities equate? You be the judge.

Barack – Barack is a name that finds its meaning in many languages including Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Swahili. Its meaning includes ‘blessing’ and ‘lightning’. Is this true of the most famous Barack we know? Has he been a blessing to the USA or a bolt of lightning striking the country at its weakest and leaving a disastrous effect?

Cleopatra – ok I have to digress. In doing my webground work for the name Cleopatra I have just stumbled upon Numerology which is an ancient science developed by Pythagoras. It is a science that offers insight into ones personality by giving numeric values to each letter of the alphabet.

According to meaning-of-baby-girl-names.org.uk, it goes like this: Continue reading